new showcase

Jimako, za jan. 27 2024, 01:20P.M.

I am testing the forum plugin now, so no question.

New theme for e107 you can see on

That site uses 2(3 in fact) WordPress installed in the subdirectories and all dynamic content on the front page is from the WP database.
Blog and contact pages are already e107 doing.

e107 navigation and e107 footer is used on all pages (in WP too).

There are plans to replace 1 WP fully with e107 this year (Advanced services plugin is needed for this).
And in far far future to replace job board plugin.

So as you see, I am stuck with e107 for next years...

I am proud of e107 part, the rest is historical stuff that I don't have under control.
Re: new showcase
Leotgtje, za jan. 27 2024, 03:19P.M.

Nice, strong build. Must however admit that the (assuming) e107 'windowflow appearance' looks smoother than (again assume >piece solutions = wp) which comes 'hard' .
Iff site is operational ? : a 404 at h... //
Wish i had the skills...
Re: new showcase
Jimako, za jan. 27 2024, 04:22P.M.

Ach, thank you so much, I would be in trouble if somebody noticed this.

It is fixed now (e107 page is used, I forgot to copy it from localhost).

yes, solutions part is WP. jobs too. It uses the best WP theme I know - Impreza - but they focus on functionality and not design stuff.

If this had be a forum just for registered users, I would write more.
Re: new showcase
Alex, ma jan. 29 2024, 12:08P.M.

Hi, looks good!

Advanced services plugin? Never heard of that smile

There's a small thing in the source, ( starting with pxp-hero-logos-carousel owl-carousel

Divs and spans not closed properly..

Re: new showcase
Jimako, ma jan. 29 2024, 05:05P.M.

thanks. Fixed now.

I need to create that plugin smile Or use core pages but there are too many issues with them for my liking. I have already separated news, maybe adding custom fields for news will be a solution too. Time will see.
Re: new showcase
aducom, ma feb. 19 2024, 01:09P.M.

Still, looks quite impressive. Good to hear that you still are on E107.