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  • Metatag plugin

    If you noticed, I started to customize the great plugin by lonalore with the name Metatag. This plugin is so useful that I had asked a long time ago to add those features to the core. Now I am glad they didn't do it; otherwise, I wouldn't be able to customize it.

    Why I customized it? This plugin is for very advanced users. It's not easy to understand how it works. I had a vague idea of what results should be, and when I hit different outputs, I was lost. I need to be sure it works the way it should work before I fully add my solution for canonicals and double content.

    Now I finished the first step. To get plugin more understandable and be able to check its results.

    So what version 2.2 do?

    Option to set needed metatags and hide not used ones (some details and help need to be fixed)



    Added numbering to have correct (logical) order for default settings and supported entities.

    Added support for contact, login, signup and forgot password pages (mainly because of robots metatags). This solution solves double content for those pages.


    Possibility to update addon list (normally you can do it only with install/uninstall plugin)


    Displaying data value for quick visual checks. 

    Added display of available single entity token (new tokens added and next ones will be added)


    Download Metatag Tab available with JM Download plugin


    All metatag widgets now display real values what should be on entity page

    Download plugin


    For news


    Now it's time to check all tokens and add a new token for canonical URLs.  

  • ReCaptcha plugin updated - version 1.3

     Testing the new version on this site now.  

    You need to rescan plugin directory with Database Tools to load new addon e_shortcode.



    See issue #3980 why this was needed.

    Added option to hide this from members. If user is log in, no captcha is displayed on contact form.

    Tested with the custom plugin too:

    - add shortcode to template

    - add the check to your form processing

    if (isset($_POST['rand_num']) && !e107::getSecureImg()->verify_code($_POST['rand_num'], $_POST['code_verify'])) { 
    //your error message

  • What is new?


    some news, because I am still here.  

    I work on 2 big "projects".  The first one is porting efiction script for e107. That script is new for me, so at first, I need to get how it works. It's a lot of work and only in my free time.  The second one is new theme based on this HTML template.  It means new plugins or improving existing ones. For example teammembers and testimonials.   

    Some examples:

    efiction blocks system (better than my old UNNuke version)



    Testimonials [tested with e107 2.3 and PHP 7.2 + 7.3]

    It is the customized testimonial plugin by lonalore. You can find code with demo data and example for theme in my github repository.  For now, it is only an example of what can be possible.



    Team members. 

    The idea is from the efiction author's module (author profile, author fields, author custom fields). But I am short of time to finish it, so I decided to do new plugin. 



  • Overview of all my sites

     The list of sites updated to be sure I didn't miss anything.

    Site / Type e107 version PHP version Theme Prefix Todo


    community, support site

    2.3 (git) 31.1.2020 7.2.16 martik2 e107



    2.2.2 (git) 01.07.19 7.2.16


    https://v2demo.e107.sk 2.2.2 (git) 31.07.19 5.6.40



    RJZJ community community version 5.6.39


    no prefix


    2.2.0 (git) 01.01.2018 5.6.40


    e107  e107 + United Nuke together 


    NEW 3.11.2019

    2.2.2 (git) 7.2.16 martik theme 


    NEW 25.1.2020

    2.2.3 5.6.x custom custom  e107 + efiction together + (United Nuke in future)

    OP community

    2.1.6 5.6.2 custom custom update AACGC plugin for php7

    MP community

    2.1.8 (git) 5.6.39 e107World no prefix forum board site


    The state of replacing old theme options plugin and other custom solutions for managing theme and content:

    Demo multisite 1 Cayman e107 core JM Core JM Theme  JM Elements  
    Gaia 2 Gaia 2.5 2.2.2 x 2.1.5 2.3
    Hestia Hestia 1.0 2.2.2 x 2.1.5 2.3.7
    Freelancer demo Freelancer 4.0.0 2.2.2  
    Creative demo Creative 2.2.2 1.3.1 2.1.5 2.3
    GamePlus Light GamePlus 2.2.2  
    GamePlus Dark GamePlus 2.2.2  
    Marci Marci 2.2.2   On-Demand, in progress
    SkyApp SkyApp 2.2.2  
    revel 2.2.2   On-Demand, in progress
    denice   On-Demand, in progress


    Demo multisite 2 Cayman e107 core  
    Solid Solid  2.2.2  
    Landing Zero2 Landing Zero 2 2.2.2  
    RideBlue Rideblue 2 2.2.2  
    Bootstrap  Bootstrap 1.0 2.2.2  

    Demo multisite 3 Cayman 2.2.2 1.3.1 DONE: remove One Page plugin
    Khatru Khatru 2.0 2.2.2    
    NightVision NightVision 2.0 2.2.2    
    OpenMind 2 OpenMind 2.2.1 2.2.2   2.1.5 2.3
    Black & White Black & White 2.2.2  
    Industrial Industrial   On-Demand, not updated anymore
    DNG  DNG   On-Demand, not updated anymore
    Magazine 01 Fizi Magazine 01   
    InfadeBlack InfadeBlack2  
    Demo 4  
    demo.e107.sk AppStrap4 2.1.8 (git) / PHP 5.6

    TODO: replace AppStrap plugin, Revolution Slider could be challenging...

    TODO: move to the new demo site, it's bootstrap 4

  • Hestia 1.0 released

    New theme Hestia released. Inspired and fully compatible with Gaia. Free for users with Gaia licence. We tested it with the latest versions of JM Theme and Elements plugins. 

    This is Dark version of Gaia released under the name Hestia, because it's not only about colours.  


    - the theme is free for the users with Gaia Full Pack licence, just ask for it. Thanks for your support.   

    - if you have plugins licences, price is 10 Eur (users with OpenMind class). Thanks for your support. 

    - otherwise, you need to get the full pack 

    From this point, there is possible to have the developer version of this theme: Bootstrap 3 in sass version, e107 stuff in sass version and Hestia itself sass version together. Developer licence of HTML Gaia now costs $119, so the price of e107 version is the same.  We are trying to have one sass version for Gaia and Hestia, but Hestia is on a higher level. 

    Live Preview Responsive Test

    Buy the only theme Buy the full pack with plugins

  • Special offer of VIP membership

    VIP membership means that you have access to anything you want.  You can have it for this kinder surprise series from India.  This should be Christmas present, so we are a bit in a hurry.


    Minni Mouse 2016

    This set was released only in India, maybe Russia, China.

    Minie2016 Indien

    More info

    Minies 2018

    This set was released only in India for now.

    Minie2018 Indien

    More info

    This offer applies for 4 English special figures too. They are not expensive, but they are hard to find because Google or eBay is not able to find them. 

    Two of them are from British set Tricks of Angelus and Naughty Nick! Angels & Devils.  This edition is the same as Italien, so it's very easy to mistaken. 

    There is text WET PAINT - Italien figure has text VERNICE FRESCA

    Angelino2002 English

    There is text MAIL - Italien figure has text POSTA.

    2 English

    More info

    Two of them are from British serie Vampirellies.  There are many editions of this set in all Europe, but those 2 toys were only in Great Britain.

    This toy has text Dieting.   Not   "Sono in dieta!!", "Huelga de hambre", "dieta", "Je suis au régime!".  


    This toy has text: Vampire street, not  "Via del Vampiro", "Vampiro Street","Calle de los Vampiros", "rue du Vampire"


    More info

    Maybe this would be easier for some of you how to get access to premium plugins and themes.

  • Gaia 2.5 released

    What is new?

    1. Fixed parallax effect on Chrome browser (on mobiles it's blocked) - it's not solved in the original HTML theme
    2. Fixed some of HTML markup issues vs W3C validation in original HTML layout - they don't fix this in the HTML theme
    3. Fixed navbar collapse breakpoint (moved from small to the middle). The real e107 site has more than few links in the navigation, Gaia uses not the standard solution for the mobile sidebar, so we have to fix this for e107
    4. fixed header look for mobile devices in landscape position - they missed this in HTML version
    5. unified primary and danger colours (sometimes they used gold colour instead of primary/danger)
    6. added Style Guide for testing output e107 core not covered original HTML source
    7. added Media Query Test to be able to check all elements on most used devices online

    To fix original HTML css, we completely rewrote way how css is built.   

    From this point, there is possible to have the developer version of this theme: Bootstrap 3 in sass version, e107 stuff in sass version and Gaia itself sass version together. Developer licence of HTML Gaia now costs $119, so the price of e107 version is the same.  

    Live Preview Responsive Test

    Buy the only theme Buy the full pack with plugins

  • JM Theme plugin version 2.1.5

    Added easier way for the update with older themes - supported now old themes too (at least in layout option folder)

    Version 2.1.5 solves the problem with menu manager in git version 2.2.2.  The problem was that the new core version will use layouts folder for HTML layouts and if this folder exists, new layout's way is detected. This problem is not there with version 2.2.1.

    We rewrote Gaia theme to use jmlayouts folder, but for older installation, we added a test where to look for layout's settings (jmlayouts or layouts). 


    What are the scenarios with Gaia Pack 2.0.0:
    1. The theme is already used (f.e. customized): download JMT 2.1, check update instruction here and update only the plugin. The only necessary thing is to copy options files from layouts folder to jmtheme folder. If anything fails, only resave your layouts. No changes in the theme itself are needed!
    2. It's a new installation: install full pack and then update JMT plugin (if you don't do it this way, you will need to set your layouts manually). Don't forget to move options files.
    3. You have already JMT 2.1 installed: install Gaia, move options files. You will need to set your headers/footers manually.
    4. Wait for Gaia 2.1.0 with fix folder structure and changed demo install data for layouts.

    What are the differences:
    • 2.1.1 removed field description
    • 2.1.1 removed field image preview
    • 2.1.1 added fields header and footer (in JMT 2.0 they are part of options)
    • 2.1.1 new file names for HTML layout use underscore (header_, footer_), file names for PHP layout use hyphens (header-, footer-)
    • 2.1.3 layouts folder is now standard folder for e107 2.2.2,
    • 2.1.4 change  options in layouts folder can be possible for 2.2.1 themes., no need to move options files to jmtheme folder
    • 2.1.4 new added backwards compatibility - themes without theme.html will look options inside layouts folder as before, themes with theme.html will look in jmtheme folder
    • 2.1.5 change added test for loading layout settings - if layouts folder exists, it looks there, if jmlayouts folder exists, it loads from this folder.

    What is new:
    • the different screen of layouts
    • 2.1.1 added the possibility to generate layouts (no need for manual adding or demo data)
    • 2.1.1 added single shortcodes for custom header and footer available to use in both e107 versions
    • 2.1.1 added option to delete all not used menus with one click
    • and more other things.
  • JM Elements plugin version 2.3

    New functionality:
    • added element menu
    • added webticker menu and webticker shortcode
    Update requirements:
    • RUN plugin rescan to add information about new addon e_menu. When you go to Menu Manager, you should get a message about some new menus installation.
    Element menu:
    • no shortcode, only select from existing elements
    • if no template is selected, it uses the default template for this element
    • Caption - caption displayed in tablestyle() function / method (from e107 2.2.2). The element can have its caption.
    • Text Id for tablestyle - by default it uses layout tablestyle. Using this field, you can override it. Your theme needs to support this ID.


    Click on image to see the full picture

    Webticker menu (shortcode):
    • displays the latest news (sticky first) in breaking news style
    • with init off, you can use customized init in your theme
    • more webtickers on one page are available (they need to have different ID)
    • default css prepared, only use it in the theme and override colours in style_custom.css
    • used this solution: https://maze.digital/webticker/, script used in Fizi themes is marked as outdated
    • tested now on this site.


    Versioning Guidelines

    All versioning should attempt to follow the Semantic Versioning guidelines.

    Given a version number MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH (e.g v0.0.0), increment the:

    1. MAJOR version when you make incompatible API changes,
    2. MINOR version when you add functionality in a backwards-compatible manner, and
    3. PATCH version when you make backwards-compatible bug fixes.

    This version is available on demand for any user with a valid licence/class. We want to test it with more themes before putting it for download.
    There is excellent news ticker script on codecanyon, but extended license costs 60USD.  Maybe somebody wants to sponsor this: https://codecanyon.net/item/ideabox-breaking-news-ticker-jquery-plugin/22060783

    Thanks for the inspiration  https://skywarriorthemes.com/  and their Arcane theme.

    JM Elements Gallery:

    {GALLERY_PORTFOLIO: placeholder=1&category=5}

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