• 5.3.1 Plus RTL and Source Map Support

    Bootswatch updates to Bootstrap v5.3.1, which includes minor fixes and enhancements related to color mode.

    In addition, Bootswatch adds supports RTL and source maps. RTL stylesheets and source maps are now available for download on the official website, GitHub repository, and npm.

  • Dark mode appears with 5.3.0

    Version 5.3.0 has been released, and most significantly, support for dark mode and other colors modes. Check out the Bootstrap blog for full details on how it works.

    There are some minor bugs to iron out, some refactors to be made with CSS variables, and some decisions to be made regarding how to handle existing dark themes with minimal disruption, but most of the themes have excellent dark mode support out of the box.

    The site now has a dark mode toggle menu, so go preview dark mode on your favorite Bootswatch theme today!

  • Bootswatch releases 5.0.0

    Bootswatch hit a new major milestone with the release of version 5.0.0!

    This brings the themes in line with the latest Bootstrap. To get a rundown of all of the changes this brings, from the deprecation of jQuery to improved RTL support, check out Bootstrap’s 5.0.0 release page.

    New Themes

    Bringing the grand total of themes to 25, we’re pleased to announce four new free Bootstrap themes!


    Zephyr is a breezy, beautiful theme that’s at home in any context. Inspired by the crisp styles of Tailwind UI.


    Morph lets you easily apply a neumorphic layer to the web.


    Quartz takes things in a new direction with a glassmorphic layer that plays well with bright, vivid colors.


    Finally, Vapor unlocks a retro, cyberpunk aesthetic for your pleasure.

    Check out the new themes, and see your old favorites updated to v5, on the homepage!

  • Bootswatch 5 hits beta

    Bootswatch has hit version 5.0.0-beta1! This release coincides with the next major update to Bootstrap, removing jQuery as a requirement along with a host of other changes.

    Visit the Bootstrap blog for a summary and follow the progress on the v5 branch of the Bootswatch GitHub repo.

  • Bootswatch 4 officially arrives

    The official release of Bootstrap 4 finally arrived this past January, and with that came a nice update to the Bootswatch themes.

    Check out the Bootstrap blog for a run-down of the changes in 4.0.0 including new utility classes, fresh docs, and more examples.

  • Bootswatch 4 plus five new themes

    We’re pleased to announce that Bootswatch has been updated for Bootstrap version 4.0.0-beta.2.


    The update introduces a slew of changes to the underlying Bootstrap framework, including simplified markup, a jump from LESS to SASS, the addition and subtraction of several components. You can see a rundown of Bootstrap 4′s changes here.

    Bootswatch themes have been updated to keep in step with Bootstrap and are available today! And if you’re not ready to make the big leap just yet, themes for v3 remain available.

    New Themes

    As if that’s not exciting enough, five brand new themes are being released.


    Lux is a restrained theme for when your site needs a touch of class. 



    Minty is a theme for when your site needs a fun and approachable feel.



    Pulse is a general theme with a trace of purple that runs throughout.



    Sketchy has a hand-drawn look suitable for mockups or playful sites in general.



    Solar is a spin on the Solarized color scheme used in many code editors. Turns out it makes for a nice web theme as well.


    Lastly, old favorite Paper has been renamed to Materia, to better reflect its roots, and Readable has a spiritual successor in Litera.


    Moving from v3 to v4 is a major undertaking, with many hours spent making it happen. And the latest additions bring the grand total to 21 themes, all of which require ongoing maintenance.

    If you find Bootswatch useful for your day-to-day work, please consider supporting this open source project by making a donation here.

    We hope you enjoy the update!

  • Learn CSS Grid with Grid Garden


    I’ve released a new game for learning CSS grid called Grid Garden.

    CSS grid brings columns and many other powerful layout features that we’ve relied on frameworks like Bootstrap for to native CSS! Browser support is on the upswing, with CSS grid landing in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari just last month.

    Grid Garden is a follow-up of sorts to Flexbox Froggy, which is a coding game for learning CSS flexbox, prominently used in version 4 of Bootstrap.

    Whether you use Bootstrap, another framework, or vanilla CSS, you’ll want to be familiar with CSS grid. Dive into it with Grid Garden!

  • Learn CSS Flexbox with Flexbox Froggy


    I’ve created a coding game called Flexbox Froggy to help you brush up on flexbox. If you haven’t heard yet, flexbox is a powerful new CSS module for positioning that’s available in browsers today, and that will debut in the next major update to Bootstrap. So you’ll want to get familiar with it asap.

    See if you can beat Flexbox Froggy! And for an extra challenge, try its spiritual sequel created by Channing Allen, Flexbox Defense.

  • Changes to Bootswatch API

    If you’re using the Bootswatch API, please update your request to The old endpoint will cease to exist on December 16, 2015.

    Up to this point, the API has been made available through AppFog. However, they recently announced that they’ll be retiring the free tier this December. Big thanks to AppFog for the service they provided.

    The new URL is live, and as a bonus, available via https. More information at

  • Find the right Google Web Fonts for your project with FontCDN


    FontCDN is a new tool for those of us who love Google Fonts as a service, but want a faster way to grab the code we need. We built FontCDN so you can easily search their 700+ web fonts and quickly grab any font’s HTML and CSS. 

    For more on the motivations behind FontCDN, check out the post A Better Way to Search Google Fonts. If you’re interested in figuring out which platforms you should support when building tools for other web developers, check out the Bootswatch and GlyphSearch data presented in the post Developing for Web Developers.

    FontCDN is available at

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